Your Five Rights by Wave Jude Bannister

                                                                                                           Author of

                        "How To Talk To Someone You Don't Want To-But Have To"

New Edition!

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Same easy to use information

for resolving conflicts!

What are your rights in any argument or conflict?
Discover insights and strategies:


  • How to identify codependency in your relationships.

  • Why a person's intelligence decreases in direct proportion to their anger and emotions.

  • Why body language can give you away in a conflict.

  • How to turn resentment into rapport with an "I" statement vs. "You" statement.

  • How to negotiate win-win agreements on & off the job.

  • How to eliminate five problem causing words from your vocabulary.



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Reader Feedback 

"Wave brings a fresh, integrated perspective on communication and self-empowerment. You can tell when someone writes from experience because it reads easy and makes satisfying sense."

-Kelly Bryson, MA, MFT, Author, Don't be Nice, Be Real, a handbook to Nonviolent Communication™

"This book reflects practical wisdom that's a combination of Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now and Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication, presented in user-friendly language and based on years of in-the-field research."
-Zak Schwartz PhD., Author, An Archangel Training Manual

"Do you have personality conflicts at work or at home? If so you'll love this fascinating book that's full of real life ways to get along better with just about anyone, anytime, anywhere. Read it and reap." 
-Sam Horn, Best Selling Author of Tongue Fu!® and America's Intrigue Expert.