Waveolution 2 day event on Maui
The classroom of life is never over.


     We choose or societal pressure chooses when we are considered graduates. A truth of life is like technology, it will leave you behind if you don’t keep learning new things. The world is constantly changing. Communication in this world is constantly changing. You’re not getting your needs met if you are using old fashioned ways. Upgrade your life, learn techniques to get what you want from it. Part skill set and part attitude is what the Maui Waveolution is all about.


  • Come and join us in the heart centered part of the world.
  • Luxuriate in the inviting waters, pick fruit from the trees, relish gourmet meals.
  • Feel your senses overwhelmed with beauty as you ponder your new reality.
  • Return home rejuvenated and with tools that really will change your life.


     You should come to Maui if you answer yes to any of these questions?

        - I am frustrated by others.

        - body language gives me away.

        - I want to free myself from co-dependency.

        - I want to have more fun with life.

        - My business clients don’t call me back.

        - I want to improve the quality of life and not just the quantity of life.

        - I want to be seen as a positive engaging person worth knowing.


     Waveolution Itinerary—call or write for more details, customization or focus.










Day 1 September 17, 2015


  • Identifying our Five Rights. The right to Safety, Space, Self-care, Perception, and an Issue.
  • Identifying your patterns. When faced with conflict do you become Competitive, Compromise, Deny, Capitulate, or Collaborate?
  • Identifying the social toxins in your life
  • Share as individuals and groups how we respond to stress in the workplace and home.
  • Defining social and economic dependencies and our vulnerabilities.
  • Discover why anger & strong emotions lower our intelligence.
  • What kinds of co-dependencies are preventing you from achieving an ideal lifestyle? Giver/Taker, Rescuer/Victim, Aggressive/Submissive.
  • Real events from participant’s lives are reviewed with alternative endings.
  • Exercises in venting vs. requesting, “I vs. You” statements.
  • Exploring your body language. What are you really saying?



Day 2 September 18, 2015


  • Exploring your communication style. Are you an extrovert/introvert, trust completely/incrementally, do you recall visually/hearing/kinesthetically?
  • Class dyad: empathy vs. sympathy, communicating our rights.
  • Setting boundaries with practical consequences.
  • Skill sets to dig deeper with difficult people.
  • The urge to smack someone & how to control it.
  • Grounding skills using the R.A.D. approach.
  • Practical solutions to participant’s real life scenarios.
  • Power: How to Get it and Give it.
  • Getting someone to do what you want for a change.
  • Coping system & defense mechanism surveys.
  • How to talk to someone you don’t want to – but have to.
  • The art of personal negotiation.
  • Solving workplace challenges.
  • Tricks to business negotiation.
  • Goal setting and accountability.










These are challenging times we live in and it’s not easy. Break out from your imprisoned pattern of the past. Learn liberating ways to deal with the inevitable conflict that life offers.

Course materials required are based on the bestselling book “Your Five Rights for Resolving Any Conflict” that will be forwarded to you upon registration.


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           or email your questions and concerns to conflict.solutions@gmail.com