Workshops from three hours to two days are available and custom designed to the needs of the audience. Interactive in nature, practical situations encountered by participants are discussed with practical solutions that honor logic, respect, integrity and that can be applied to the real world right now. Handling difficult people in your office or community shouldn’t be so hard.



Sample Workshop Topics:


  • Predicting your pattern behaviors and theirs.

  • R. A. D. – relax, affirm, detach.

  • “I” statements versus “You” statements.

  • Techniques for handling difficult people.

  • Why an angry person can’t think straight.

  • Your Customer is not your Child.

  • Are You in a Co-dependent Relationship?

  • Why Body Language is more than Crossed Arms.

  • Getting Someone to do what you want for a change.

  • The Difference between Listening & Hearing.

  • Never, Ever Explain to an Angry Person.

  • The Five Rights for Everyone.

  • Five words to eliminate from your vocabulary when in conflict.


Send an e-mail to for details on the workshop overview, benefits and pricing.


Tired of being lectured to? Then try something different and still learn a thing or two. Learn how others manipulate you for their entertainment. Listen to stories about psychology and how you can encourage others to do what you want for a change. Learn how the media, the government, your spouse and even your kids can predict your behavior, especially in conflict.



Class reviews:


“Dealing with my ex has always been a problem. Understanding that someone’s intelligence goes down equal to their upsetness taught me how to ground and breathe properly before any interactions with them.”

-Claire DeJuenes, Vancouver, B.C.


“I was having a problem with my boss always telling me what to do. After reading the chapter on venting and requesting, I learned what to ask so as not to be triggered. It helped with my wife at home also.”

-Brian London, Eugene, OR



Phone Consultations by the hour:


     Whatever the conflict, there’s always a resolution you can live with. Many of my clients require support not just in spirit but also in practical terms. 


   “Where do I sit in the next meeting”

“What color suit should I wear for the presentation?”    

     “What do I say when they challenge me or call me names?”

“Exactly how do I phrase a ‘No’ while being assertive and not aggressive?”



Scheduling and Payment:


I am generally available with short notice, six days a week most any time of day. 

My rate is $60.00 per hour taxes included.

Payments can be made many ways.


       1-250-661-9968   I answer to Wave or Jude